OEM and OES Sampel uses strict quality standards required by OEM and OES suppliers around the world such as: Iveco , Ford, Ford Troller , Honda, Magneti Marelli , Mitsubishi , Volkswagen, ZF Germany, and among others.

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since 1961.

The Estevão Caputto Group is recognized for excellence in its products and services. Sampel, one of the brands composing the group, is well-known and admired in the automotive industry. Its mission is to manufacture the highest quality components for suspensions through innovative solutions.

Sampel is an all Brazilian company in the auto-parts industry since 1961, manufacturing metal / rubber components such as, suspension bushings, engine and gear mounts, and suspension kits with the latest technology and highly skilled professionals. The Estevão Caputto Group is also composed of: 

  • Samkit – Suspension kits for passenger cars and sport utilities
    (Shock Absorber Kits, Stabilizer Kits, CV Joint Kits, Steering Kits)
  • Sampremium – luxury cars parts
    (Suspension Bushings, Strut/ Gear Mountings)

ISO 9001 / ISO/TS 16 949

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High investments in tecnology. You see it in the quality of our products.

• Engineering: CAD / CATIA;
• Advanced CNC Machining Center allows to build molds quickly and accurately for reliable and trustworthy results;
• Modern Pressing Center provides utmost efficiency in the production of metal components;
• Automatic Phosphate Line which prepares and cleans the surface of  the tools;
• Automatic Labeling Machines to ensure consistency in the adhesive layer applied to the parts, obtaining perfect adhesion between metal / rubber;
• State-of-the-art equipment prepares the rubber compound, therefore, ensuring added quality and high productivity;
Modern Injection Machinery has great production capacity and vulcanizes parts with total quality.

One of the great advantages of Sampel is the final coated painting in KTL Electrophoretic lacquer and Cathodic dip-painting, which offers high corrosion resistance and complete protective layers.

Aluminum Injection Machines:
New acquisition of Sampel which guarantees 
quicker and more precise results.

Modern equipment ensures quality, high productivity and prompt development of new products trending today’s vehicles.
The aluminum injection process is based on the injection of cast-aluminum alloys and high pressure.
This process ensures a better surface finishing of the products which meets with equivalent manufacturing standards of OEMs.


Cad / Catia


Tool Shop


Stamping Shop


Surface Treatment


Rubber Compounding




Rubber Injection


Aluminum Injection



Maximum control and accuracy: Quality assurance- Sampel.

Sampel´s labs are essential tools for quality assurance.
It is possible to perform detailed controls, guaranteeing a product free from flaws and imperfections through its high-precision equipment.

Dynamic lab
MTS to axial deflection curves, radial, and Conical
Torsion with dynamic characterizations K, C, Phase. Its main function is to submit the components (bushings and mountings) to the durability test, simulating the action of the play in the vehicle.


Chemical laboratory
Rheometers and dynamometers ensure that the rubber used in Sampel products follow the specifications of the main Assemble Companies.



• Control Arms
• Bushings
• Mountings

Samkit offers a complete line of
Kits for suspension:

• Strut Mounting Kits
• Stabilizer Kits
• Stabilizer Rod
• CV Joint Kits
• Steering box Kits

Sampel’s new product line for luxury autos. Product line for Luxury Autos:

• Audi
• Mercedes-Benz
• Volvo

Quality and safety you can rely on.

• 100% natural rubber
• High structural strength
• Excellent absorption of vibration
• Excellent flexibility performance
• Guaranteed durability.


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